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For Your Love

Updated: Mar 19

'For Your Love' taken from our new album 'Assorted Marvels' is out now. Watch / stream ➡️

Conceived in an afternoon - the best songs come around quickly, and this is such a simple song in a lot of ways with the music pinned around a repeating Wurlitzer phrase; Sean’s sax break, and Jimi Scandals’ intermittent guitar part.

"With its rich and swaggering textures set perfectly to some mesmerising vocals throughout, My Glass World are continuing to cement themselves as one of the more engaging names on the rise right now." - Mystic Sons

"Layered vocals and crepuscular textures complete what’s a very compelling sonic picture" -

"GOOD quality adult pop is thinly-occupied territory. Adele heads the female list and Paul Heaton the male by some margin, but to that list could well be added keyboard player and songwriter Jamie Telford" - Irish News

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