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Citizen of Nowhere

The refugee crisis / our crisis / everyone’s crisis. Citizen of Nowhere the new track and video from My Glass World is out now:

What the press say:

"My Glass World's ability to combine poignant lyrics with a musically rich backdrop showcases their prowess in storytelling through sound. "Citizen of Nowhere" stands out not only as a protest song but also as a sonic exploration of the human experience in the face of displacement and adversity." -

""Citizen of Nowhere" by My Glass World is a powerful and evocative track that skillfully addresses the emotional and societal impact of displacement. With its poignant lyrics, expressive saxophone breaks, and overall sonic intensity, the song serves as a heartfelt anthem for those navigating the challenges of being citizens of nowhere in a world marked by upheaval." -

"Adopting a smooth and driven blues-rock-inspired aesthetic for their newest gem, 'Citizen Of Nowhere' makes for a brilliantly bold and impactful listen." -

"With its rich and swaggering textures set perfectly to some mesmerising vocals throughout, My Glass World are continuing to cement themselves as one of the more engaging names on the rise right now." -

"My Glass World brings a wealth of experience and collaboration to the table, and it’s evident in the thoughtful composition and production of their music" -

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